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People not familiar with American football may not know about the recent phenomenon of “Tebowing” – the practice of dropping to one knee after a successful play to give thanks to #God for the triumph.  More and more, recently, athletes are doing this, or, as my husband described, running down the field, pumping a fist and yelling, “Thank you, #Jesus!”  As a religious person myself, I haven’t been sure what to make of this.

On one hand, it’s certainly good when #Christians in public life make no secret of their beliefs.  This can, obviously, be a good influence on their fans, who may decide to look into it themselves.  But thanking God for a victory is problematic, to me.

If I have a difficult task, test, etc., I’ll often ask God to help me do my best on it – not blank out on a concept, forget a key word, and so on.  When I do come out of it successfully, I do thank God for the help.  But this is in my own head, not dropping down or screaming out in front of millions of people.  Jesus told us to “go into our closet” to pray, instead of doing it on the street corner (I think a football field with national TV coverage can count as that!).  Such a public display of religiosity as this may do more for the image of the person doing it than for his relationship with God, and as such may turn off as many people as it starts on the road to conversion.

Another problem with this is that non-Christians (and probably some Christians, as well) see such public prayers as an attempt to get God to grant them a victory by magic, just because they are so good.  As with armies in the past, if people on both sides are praying for the victory, does that mean that after the battle, the ones who won did so because God likes them better?  To me, that’s a ridiculous thought, and since it is also ridiculous to non-Christians, they take it as another proof that religion is for idiots.

I see it as one of my tasks in life to show other intelligent people that Christians can be intelligent, thoughtful, and logical; therefore, I, at least, think I’ll keep my thanks in the closet.

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