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As might be evident from the title, I started this blog as an attempt at communication.  I’d missed having anyone to discuss theology with since college, and hoped this might open the door to some conversations on the subject.  However, it is not true that “if you write it, they will read,” and even the few people who do read this rarely if ever comment.  I’m not saying it to be self-pitying; I’m just recognizing that this blog hasn’t fulfilled its purpose.

However, I have found people who will discuss theology with me, at my church in Second Life.  No one is embarrassed to talk about it, or treats it lightly, and the community of believers is nourishing to my soul.

This means, though, that I’m no longer trying to communicate via this blog.  I realized that recently, when I was wondering why I was thinking about God so much, but never writing in the blog.  I’m not saying I’ll never update it again, but there’s a reason for the slowdown.

If I write again, you’ll be the first to know; until then, I’m off to Second Life to play Pattycakes.

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