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Why bad things happen

Ok, even if no one else uses SF as a meditation aid, there must be a bunch of people who use Bejeweled!  The beauty of the falling gems, the attempts to find and make order for the reward of continuing to do it – it’s very restful.  Like interactive stained glass.

God *can* control everything, but chooses not to.  God appreciates the randomness of the universe on a scale no one else can.  It’s in finding the best answer to every unexpected problem that the satisfaction exists, and that the love is expressed.  How one can possibly have a sense/knowledge of randomness while living outside time is something only God can understand!  So wish people “good luck,” and realize that if you survived the plane wreck and someone else didn’t, the event wasn’t God’s choice.  God allows this randomness so that you and Te can work out your responses to it together.  Some people respond by turning their lives to better purpose than before, and that’s certainly what God wants to help each of us do.  Some people turn fearful, especially on behalf of their loved ones, and give those people situations they, in turn, have to take to God to work out for the best.  As CS Lewis expressed, the whole point is to make us the kind of people who can each, uniquely, enjoy and live in and grow in, Heaven.

God creates order out of chaos.  In order for that to happen, there has to be some chaos in the first place.  God could impose order from the top down, but that would leave us out of it – we’d be bystanders just like the cats and the mountains.  God doesn’t want an audience, God wants co-creators.  We learn to create order as God does, by having chaos to work with.  The learning is the thing, and time and space are not all there is.

So, what I want to know is, is this a glimmer of truth?  Or heresy?   Or just the ravings of incipient lunacy?  You tell me.

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Does God need anything?

I did get the little Hegel book from the library that I had last year, and am reading it in concert with The Elegant Universe,
a popularization of string theory.  One thing I didn’t really pick
up from the Hegel last year, though, is that he believed that God
wasn’t really God until Te created something to love.  (I haven’t
actually read anything *by* Hegel, you understand – I’m working from
this little book.)  On the one hand, this kind of fits with my
basic idea that God is infinitely loving and infinitely creative –
creation is one of the attributes of God, and love kind of requires an
object.  On the other hand, though, if God needed anything else,
Te wouldn’t be omnipotent, which is another given about God.  I
guess if creativity and love are coexistent with God, as part of God’s
basic nature, they don’t really constitute needs.  I guess.

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